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    THE PAD and THE PANTY. nookees period underwear comes with two components. Double safety, double flexibility.

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    3 little buttons - and every bloody thing will be alright. Go for THE PAD you fancy and click it inside of THE PANTY.

  • X-Change it

    Nothing can move. But everything can change. Use it - wash it - and do it all again. Your new PAD is just 3 clicks away.

  • washable 60°C

  • toxin free

  • minimum plastic

  • certified fabrics

All period days
are bad days

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From the first second nookees was founded, one thing was clear: we want to support all menstruating people all around the world.

In the past, whenever you bought nookees THE KIT, we donated PADS to people all over the world, that need our support. In the meantime we even go further: 2023 we started the nookees Foundation, proud to say we partnered up with the Toni Garrn Foundation, Girls on a mission and Viva con Agua to even make a bigger impact. They already built up amazing projects in Uganda and South Africa and now we are part of the tribe.

nookees provides the fabrics and pays the workers a loan to produce their version of nookees PADS and distribute them to everybody who needs support.

The Founder

Janina Breitling

After travelling the world for six years with my little son Max, I chose cruising through the universe of menstruation as my next adventure.

I got inspired by women in Cuba, who talked in front of their whole group of friends openly about how they menstruate. By the reindeer nomads in Mongolia, that shared their little tipi with us - and how they deal with their menstrual cycle. By the dancers in French Polynesia that moved their hips like nobody else to celebrate and honour their fertility.

Reflecting my own bloody habits every month, I somehow had enough of hiding my period. Of functioning every day of my cycle exactly the same. And I had enough of the reusable period products that I already used. That were uncomfortable (the sweaty feeling) not possible to wash hot (the disgusting feeling) and full of toxic ingredients (the wtf feeling).

From my mind came the idea of coloured buttons having a snappy date with organic fabrics. From my belly the will of inspiring others to live in line, instead against their cycle. And from my heart the call of providing menstruating people access to free period products all over the world.

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