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Pads 'n Pants.


100% plastic free, reusable and safe.

Highly absorbent, organic pads snap into comfortable, feminine designed pants.

We make a difference.
Every month.

Bleed for a better period.

Nookees let your menstruation blood head to where it belongs. Out of your body. There is no need to stop it. Just go with the flow. Special organic material and unique layer technology make the pads highly absorbent, comfortable, super soft and extremely safe.

Bleed for a better future.

Our mission is not just to make you period better and have the possibility to use an amazing menstrual product.

We make a contribution to help women all around the world to feel proud of and safe during their menstruation.

Bleed for a better nature. 

Around 125 to 150 kg of tampons, pads or applicators; made up to 90% out of plastic - that’s the average waste during a periodical career. Nookees are 100% plastic free! We only use natural fabrics. No need for chemicals. No need for irritants. No need for anything that can be bad for you or the environment.

Nookees aren't just a product for women.
We want to be a change for the world.

Janina Breitling, CEO & Founder of Nookees

Janina Breitling

One for you -
One for her

With our “One for you - one for her” program, whenever you buy one set of Nookees, we donate another set to women all over the world, that need our encouragement. Together with you we make a change by providing access to free menstrual hygiene products.

Be part of the change.

100% plastic free, reusable and safe? I'm in!

Keep me posted when I can get my first Nookees!

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