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Your nookees PADS most trusted companion will share the burden of caring The Red Badge of Courage – in the most sustainable way possible. Made of lyocel, the nookees PANTY is perfect for keeping you covered no matter what the flow throws at you.

To activate your panty’s magic powers, snap on your nookees sustainable period PAD.

The PANTY fits and feels like regular underwear, but it’s equipped with our unique snap button technology to help you secure your PADS in place without a care in the world. When it’s time for a change, simply unbutton THE PAD and swap it with a clean one. It’s that easy. 


It took us a while to find the best fabrics to create the best products. So here we proudly present:


  • 94% lyocell, 6% elastan (fabric)
  • 90% polyamid, 10% elastan (waistband)


  • 100% organic cotton
  • PUL (only splash version)


  • 100% organic cotton

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nookees THE PADS have different lengths, depending of the different layers:

Light: 26,5cm

Medium: 27,5cm

Heavy/ Splash: 28,5cm

nookees THE PANTY comes with a comfortably sizing of underwear, which means if you're in between two sizes, go for one size smaller then your regular underwear.

Other option: measure your hips and follow our measurements: XS (hip: 89-94cm), S (hip: 95-97 cm), M (hip: 98-104 cm), L (hip: 105-108 cm), XL (hip: 109-118 cm), XXL (hip: 119-124 cm).

Care Instructions

To take care of your nookees, we recommend the following treatment:


  • 40°C
  • don't use softener or bleach
  • hang dry
  • wash before first use


  • 60°C
  • don't use softener or bleach
  • hang dry
  • wash before first use


  • 40°C
  • don't use softener or bleach
  • hang dry
  • wash before first use

As our fabrics are just rad, you could wash THE PADS even with 95*C. But a.) you don't need to wash them that hot and b.) it's not good for the environment. So we personally prefer to rinse THE PADS in cold water after use. On laundry day nookees wander into the machine and get tumbled with the rest of any clothes. Hang them dry (with the hanger of THE POUCH) and use them again. And again. And again…

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  • Are nookees organic?

    nookees THE PADS are made out of 100% organic cotton. The fibre of the lyocel we use for THE PANTIES is made out of cellulose, a natural component of wood. It’s biodegradable and at the end of its life cycle, the fibers can re-enter the eco-system.

    Want to learn more... 
  • Why do you use snap buttons?

    Because they hold nookees PADS right and tight on the spot where they belong. Believe us, we tried so many different versions on how to stick nookees pads into THE PANTY. And the snap buttons we chose are definitely the safest ones to use.

    ... and more 
  • Combine it

    THE PAD and THE PANTY. nookees period underwear comes with two components. Double safety, double flexibility.

  • Click it

    3 little buttons - and every bloody thing will be alright. Go for THE PAD you fancy and click it inside of THE PANTY.

  • X-Change it

    Nothing can move. But everything can change. Use it - wash it - and do it all again. Your new PAD is just 3 clicks away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sabrina Muddemann
Sehr angenehm zu tragen

Die Slips sind sehr angenehm zu tragen. Die Kombination mit den Pads und den Druckknöpfen ist genial.

Ich bin unglaublich dankbar für Janinas Innovation und ihre Arbeit mit dem gesamten Nookees Team.

Die beste Alternative zu sämtlichen Hygieneartikeln und sämtlicher Periodenwäsche bei der ich sonst nur die Möglichkeit habe die gesamte Hose zu wechseln.

Nookees fixed all the problems with period panties!!

I have tried A LOT of period panties and nontoxic period products in general and Nookees are by far the best! (Actually I even think Nookees is better than conventional pads/tampons too even if you don’t consider the toxins).
First off they are SO comfortable - the design is perfect - the panties are a nice fit (not too tight) and I like the high waist on the panties too. The panties and pads are soft too! Other period panties are tighter around the leg to prevent leaking but instead the nookees pads are wider to prevent leaking. (This is also nice because when the panties are less tight the pad isn’t pushed up against your body)
The absorbency of the heavy pads is fantastic! In my experience other brands say they have high absorbency but I actually bleed through them fairly quickly because when all the blood is concentrated in one spot, they cannot contain it. But I only bled through nookees after about 6 hours during my heaviest bleed which is about twice (or 3 times) as absorbant as heavy disposable pads! Also the wings on the pad are brilliant - I was sitting in a meeting feeling like blood was coming out fast enough that it was probably overflowing off the sides of the pad but when I went to the bathroom to check, it was still contained by the pad thanks to the wings! Also I like that the pads can be washed on hot because I have trouble keeping my other reuseable pads/period panties from smelling (have to soak them in vinegar etc). So basically I think Nookees fixed all the annoyances I have with other period products. Oh also - the fact that you can change the pad without changing the underwear is very helpful.