Bärti muss mit!

Janina Breitling

Before her five-year-old son starts school, single mother Janina Breitling wants to enjoy the remaining time with him thoroughly. Max is immediately enthusiastic about her idea of going on a trip around the world together, but on one condition: his teddy bear Bärti has to come along! With a backpack and a small budget, they set off and find themselves welcomed with open arms. For two years they explore fascinating countries like Indonesia, Australia, Mongolia, Mexico and Israel. They make friends with wonderful people, get to know exciting cultures and dreamlike places - and are the best proof: Traveling with children is supposed to be too complicated, too expensive, too dangerous? No way!

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  • »A delightful book about the beauty of traveling together.«

    - WDR 4

  • »well written and exciting travelogue, which motivates to dare the adventure of traveling alone with a child.«

    - aroundtheworldticket.de

  • »A great piece of work that makes you want to travel and evokes a lot of wanderlust.«

    - Stadtradio Göttingen

"I want to show my son Max the world before I let him explore it on his own."

- Janina Breitling, author of "Bärti muss mit"

From author to entrepreneur

About Janina

Janina worked as an editor and travel journalist for various german and austrian TV and print departments, including Sat.1 and Servus TV. To be able to travel the world with her son, she moved to freelancing. Today, in addition to her work as an author, she is also working as an entrepreneur and the founder of nookees.

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