How does period underwear work?

How does period underwear work? Find out our top secret here!

Sure, ... washable, reusable period underwear and that's supposed to work? After years of throwing pads and tampons in the bin without a second thought, this may sound weird at first.

But only at first, because the more you learn about the clever function of our period underwear, the sooner you'll be glad when your supply of disposable products is finally used up. Believe us!

COMBINE IT: nookees period underwear works easy peasy

Our nookees period underwear differs from many other products on the market because it consists of two innovative components: THE PANTY and THE PAD - your new love!

Hygienic and comfortable: By separating PANTYS and PADS, they provide optimum comfort and allow your yoni to breathe at the same time. Psst... that's the basic formula - our holy grail.

Because the fabric of the PANTYS is made from natural Lyocell, while the PADS are made from organic cotton, which is naturally breathable. Without any biocides.

As a result, our nookees period underwear simply feels 1000x better on the skin than your normal underwear and is not a playground for bacteria, fungi or bad odors.

CLICK IT: three buttons that change the world

Want to know exactly what makes nookees period underwear your future partner in crime? Here we go:

First step:

With the help of three tiny, imperceptible press studs, you can easily attach the PADS to your PANTY. Just like a conventional sanitary napkin, only better: no sticky residue and no slipping! In other words: the nookees PADS sit absolutely securely - even during sport or when you're slimming down.

Second step:

Are you surfing on a strong, red wave today? Then simply replace the PADS. They are available in four individual thicknesses for every day:

  • Light: Three layers for your light days.
  • Medium: Rocks the day on your medium days.
  • Heavy: Is "Fury In The Slaughterhouse" on the mat? Then our five layers are just right for you.
  • Splash: Want to play it safe? Nothing will get through here with small explosions in between. We promise!

Third step:

What do you do with the used PAD? It's simple: roll it up and put it in one of the bags from THE KIT set. These are two bags in special sizes. Don't worry - you won't leave any unwanted traces of blood because the inner material is made of waterproof moleskin.

Oh yes: You can close THE KIT with a press stud. The highlight: With the small hanger on the larger bag, you can hang the washed nookees together to dry. Just a little tip on the side.

X-CHANGE IT: in the washing machine instead of the bin

Yay, those days are finally over: our period is no longer a mysterious act that needs to be discreetly hidden. It is an expression of our femininity, without a flood of blood from the elevator á la Shining. That's why you can throw your PADS in the washing machine without a care in the world. It's that easy with your nookees!

Pads for you, pads for her - nookees are for everyone!

So, now you know how our period underwear works. Pretty awesome and not difficult at all, right? What's also important to us is that it's about much more than "just" developing a sustainable and reliable menstrual product for the upper class.

Ever since we realized how many people are discriminated against during their period, we've seen the big change we can make with nookees. That's why our big drive is our "Pads for you - pads for her" mission or in other words uterus for uterus. Would you like to be part of our community or make somebody else join? Then you can also buy THE GIFT.


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