Washing period underwear - easy & incredibly unspectacular

Washing period underwear - easy & incredibly unspectacular

If you're new to reusable period underwear, you may see a fear monger pop up in your mind's eye when you think about this topic: Washing period underwear! Don't worry, calm down, relax and go with the flow! With nookees, everything is completely relaxed.

For a long time, many people took it for granted: tampons and sanitary towels were thrown away after a single use. Oh, how practical, the main thing was to get rid of them. Out of sight, out of mind and under no circumstances in contact with blood. The consequence: a kind of alienation from your own body. Yet your body performs a true miracle every month. The period celebrates the nature of women, it is life itself. Something you can be proud of. And definitely not something you should deal with bashfully in secret.

How to wash period underwear?

Now it is by no means the case that you will be loading your washing machine with bloody hands in future. This is not a crime scene. Let's go through the process together, step by step:

After you have unbuttoned your full nookees PAD from the PANTY, there are two possibilities:

You're on the go? Then you roll up the pad and stow it in your supplied nookees bag until you are back home. You are at home? Then rinse the PAD under cold water or soak it before washing. Caution: Cold water is important to prevent the protein in the blood from clotting and causing stains.

Small hack: Don't throw the water away, but use it to water flowers. Because your menstrual blood has an incredible amount of nutrients, and your flowers will love it!

Next step: Off to the washing machine. You can simply throw your nookees in the machine with the rest of your laundry. Set it to 60 degrees, go for it.

All done, all clean: Now you can let your nookees air dry. Either hang them on the line like any other garment. OR you can make a wonderful nookees PAD garland. With the small hanger on the larger bag included in the set, you can hang your nookees together to dry. Christmas decoration every month!
Whether you want to combine drying with decorating or not: for your own sake and for the sake of the environment, you should avoid the tumble dryer.

Once your period companions are dry again, they can be put to the next use immediately. Or they can wait out the low tide and look forward to the bloody floods next month. Washing period underwear? Completely easy with nookees.

nookees lassen sich kinderleicht waschen und trocknen.

You see: with nookees you can celebrate your bleeding as an act of freedom. You are free from having to buy menstrual products all the time. Free from the fear of not having any in the house when it matters. Free from toxins. Free from waste production.

And also free from the problem of having to change period briefs again and again.

With this in mind: HAPPY PERIOD!


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