Free Bleeding

Free Bleeding

How To Free Bleed Without Making A Mess & Why You Should Try

Seriously, what is the point of free bleeding? Is free bleeding good for you? Is it safe? Here’s how to free bleed without making a mess and why you should really try it!

When the Sex and the City reboot surprised all its die-hard fans by hanging an entire episode on, well, periods, we instantly knew that it is time to, yet again, touch on a topic that has long been mantled in shame – free bleeding.

Sure, Charlotte wasn’t exactly trying to be a feminist icon by bleeding through her Free People coveralls. However, this “accident” was the highlight of the storyline that depicted the unexpected bleeds that happen during perimenopause. Our experience of period leaks is, by no means, uncommon – nor is the shame around them. “Is free bleeding good for you?” and “what is the point of free bleeding?” are two of the most searched question on google. But still, most menstruating folks go “yikes” as soon as the topic is on the virtual table.

Yes, we do see many sustainably-minded period-havers discuss their refreshingly relatable free bleeding quests on social media. Nonetheless, the “movement” is highly associated with images of stained sheets that mimic the look of a crime scene and embarrassing accidents during work hours. Free bleeding in public? That’s what nightmares are made of, am I right? Spoiler alert: this couldn’t be further from the case.

What is the point of free bleeding?

Even the thought of people knowing that we are on our period can be terrifying. And that, my bleeding friends, is yet another part of the overall unhelpful rhetoric we’re taught since high school about staying in our place and not being messy. Despite the fear of sounding cliche, periods are actually quite magical when you start to think of everything they can do for your body.

The free bleeding movement started from a group of women on a mission to challenge period stigma and embrace the natural flow of their menstrual blood. Instead of using sanitary products to collect or absorb the blood, they decided to menstruate freely. This way, they not only advocate against discriminatory taxation, and the taboo that comes with “yucky” periods, but also against environmental protection, as well as call on feminine hygiene companies to eliminate the use of chemicals.

Here’s the thing, you don’t really have to destroy your oh-so-aesthetic couch or bleed through your favourite leggings during your next yoga session. Free bleeding can be extremely safe, healthy, and, yes, discrete. But before we let you on our little secret and, maybe, help you teach others how to free bleed without making a mess as well, let’s dive deeper into the controversial topic of free bleeding as a whole.

Is free bleeding safe?

Free bleeding is extremely safe if done with caution. Indeed, women often experience less cramping with free bleeding. However, we have to take into consideration the inconvenience of bloodstains. It’s important to respect public spaces as well. Luckily, you can easily free bleed without making a mess – but more on that later.

Is free bleeding good for you?

Free bleeding good is very good for you! Tampons absorb more than just menstrual blood — about a third may be vaginal and cervical fluids. This might affect the way your vagina produces fluids during the rest of the cycle. Free bleeding, on the other hand, keeps your usual secretions in place. Plus, most sanitary pads and tampons contain volatile organic compounds and phthalates. The Always menstrual pads, for example, were found to contain several chemicals of concern, including Styrene: carcinogen. Chloromethane: reproductive toxicant. Chloroethane: carcinogen.

Reusable period pads like nookees are just as healthy and safe as disposable ones as they are made from non-toxic, certified organic materials. No allergic reactions, hormone disruption, and reproductive disorders.

How to free bleed without making a mess

The benefits of free bleeding are so many! Now let’s get into how to sleep while free bleeding and, most importantly, how to free bleed in public.

Choose reusable period pads

nookees reusable period pads are the safest way to free bleed without making a mess, getting in contact with harmful chemicals, or feeling even the slightest bit of discomfort –we promise. Our sustainable hygiene products are crafted ethically with organic cotton with a very specific weave. Pesticide-free, pigment-free, bleach-free, and hypoallergenic, our period pads meet the high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and comply with social criteria as well.

Even the nickel-free snap buttons have been tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals to protect your health and managed to gain the OEKO-Tex 100 certification.

Aside from being able to adsorb moisture themselves, they also don’t trap the smelly bacteria in the fabrics as synthetics do. So ultimately, nookees feel more comfortable, even if they are already full of blood. They are highly breathable by nature, which means that there is no space for any fungal or bad odour at all. To put it simply, when nookees are involved, free bleeding is good for you, for the planet, and for your favourite couch. So how does the process work?

How to free bleed without making a mess with nookees reusable period pads

Shop nookees THE KIT

nookes are not just a standard sustainable pad because they are made out of two components: pads ’n panties.

Once you have both in hand, you simply snap the reusable pads with the button system into the panties and use them like your regular period pads. Free bleeding in public? Yes. Free bleeding at night? You bet! nookees can be your periodmate in every scenario.

As soon as you are ready a change, just unbutton the pads, rinse them and throw them in the washing machine. Snap another clean nookees pad on, and continue on with your day.

Afterward, you can put everything into the laundry (up to 60 °C) and use it again.

Free bleeding is good for you, so why not share the love?

Whenever you buy one set of nookees, we provide access to free menstrual hygiene products to women that need our encouragement. In other words, we donate another set to women all over the world who can not afford menstruation products. Whether in Nepal, Africa, Brazil, or somewhere else on the planet. Pads for you, pads for her. Sharing is caring and we love to help everyone bleed for a better world.

So head over to our website to discover our innovative, planet-friendly non-toxic menstrual products that can help you free bleed without making a mess and stay healthy no matter if you are pushing 16, 25, or 45.

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