Period underwear from nookees is the perfect travel companion.

Periods on holiday: So what? Enjoy the good times

Holidays and periods are an unpopular combination. But that's not tragic at all. Here's how to keep it fun when you travel.

Period poverty is still a worldwide problem.

What is period poverty? And how can we fight it?

What is behind period poverty and how can we help? Everything you need to know here in the article.

Washing period underwear - easy & incredibly unspectacular

Washing period underwear - easy & incredibly un...

Washing period underwear – how does that work exactly? Don't worry, calm down, relax and go with the flow! With nookees, it's all completely relaxed.

nookees ist für den “Innovations for Tomorrow Award by hessnatur” 2023 nominiert.

Innovations for Tomorrow Award by hessnatur

We are overwhelmed. nookees is nominated for the "Innovations for Tomorrow Award by hessnatur". The sustainability prize is awarded for the second time and focuses on female founders in 2023.

nookees vs. period panties

nookees vs. period panties

nookees reusable period pads vs. period panties, that sounds like an odd thing to compare given that reusable period undies are the holy grail of sustainable bleeding, right? Well, not...

nookees vs. disposable pads

nookees vs. disposable pads

Is it time to swap your tried-and-true bleeding companion for practical, innovative, and sustainable alternatives? Are washable pads really the cotton reusables you re been searching for your whole menstruating...