Why all men should be part of "men"struation

Why all men should be part of "men"struation

Half of the population is female; half of it is in the phase of having their menstruation. That's quite a lot of people. And quite a lot of hormones to deal with. So I think it would be a good idea to learn more about it. To get to know more of it. To embrace all of it. Not just from the female side, but also and maybe especially from the male side. Why?

"If half of the population is discriminated, all of us suffer."
This sentence sticks with me for a while and it makes so much sense. If women are not allowed, not guided, and not empowered to live following their needs, and their natural cycles, what happens? Disbalance happens. And this is not just affecting the women but also the men surrounding them.

Super simple: Imagine the days right before menstruation, when the hormones are really freaking out and women might get a little pissed about everything. If men knew about this, could deal with this, and support it, a whole new story would start. Misunderstanding would stop, and support would be around the corner. And this is a total win-win for everybody.

What do we need for this? We need women to start knowing their cycles better. Every day of it. Every up and down. And then talking to men about it. Openly. Without any shame. Let's get them into the boat. Let's make them part of it. 

What I realized, once I started doing it: Men in my universe have been thankful for it. They appreciate getting to know me in this way. As it makes life for them more easy as well. And this works for my son as much as for my partner. The sooner the better. 

I am thankful for every man doing this step. Especially when it happens in public and in a disruptive way. I am thankful for my wonderful friend Micha Fritz from Viva con Agua who is brave af and by far the hottest nookees model ever. 
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