Period underwear from nookees is the perfect travel companion.

Periods on holiday: So what? Enjoy the good times

Yesss, it's time to start travelling again! You've waited so long, made plans, counted the days backwards. And now finally… you get your period. Yeah, that's nature, baby. Of course, no one is happy about the bloody travel companion. But can you change it? No. So you need the right mindset. And nookees can help you with that.

While some people type “What to do on holiday with a period?” into Google in frustration, we have the answer right here: Have fun, what else? Read here how you can make yourself and your abdomen comfortable on holiday.

Can travel postpone the period?

Let's stay for a moment with the question of why. It's often the case that you weren't expecting your period during your trip. And yet it comes along. Pure spite? No, don't worry. Your uterus does not hate you. It is merely the slave of a very sensitive hormonal system. Even small changes can cause it to get a little out of step, and your cycle can shift as a result. There can be many reasons for this around the holidays:

Summer: Light and hormones are subject to an interplay. In summer the days are longer and you (finally!) get more sun. This influences the timing of your ovulation.

Stress: Unfortunately, the holiday god has put stress before relaxation. Things urgently need to be finished at work. The passport has expired and nobody knew. The dog has to go to boarding kennels and you are overcome with guilt. Your child has to go for vaccinations and curses you for it. Well, you know what it's like …

Circadian clock: The circadian rhythm refers to our inner clock. It enables our organism to coordinate biological processes in approximately 24-hour intervals. In doing so, it reacts to external signals. The most important circadian rhythm concerns the change between sleeping and waking states.
Due to a time zone change, the menstrual cycle can also be affected. Confused hormones and all that.

Holiday = state of emergency: On holiday, many things are different. You have a different daily routine, you eat differently, you move more or less. All this can have an influence on your cycle.

6 tips for easy bleeding days when travelling

So it's not that unlikely that you'll get your period while you're on holiday, even though it's not scheduled. But whether it's on time or not, don't let these days spoil your holiday mood. Here are some holiday tips to help you get through your period happily.

  • Period products that make travelling easier: For bleeding on the road, you need something that puts as little strain on you and your luggage as possible. Have you been using tampons and the like in a more conventional way in your everyday period life? Then here comes the game changer: nookees. The combination of PANTY and clickable pads in best organic quality is as easy and relaxed as your period should be. No leaking, no slipping, no waste. Just bleed naturally, wash out the pads and reuse them. The application is completely uncomplicated. Just clicking awesome!

  • Comfortable clothes: Many women have a bloated, painful belly during their period. Do you feel the same way? Then do yourself a favour and avoid tight waistbands. Instead, make yourself comfortable and choose a more casual look.

  • Fresh in a jiffy: When you're travelling, you probably can't use washing facilities at all times. But if you're on your period, you'll probably have an increased need for it. That's why we recommend the sustainable version of wet wipes for your luggage: simply take a flannel with you and moisten it with water and a little soap as needed. After use, put it in a waterproof bag and wash it out when you get the chance.
  • Sweet, salty, greasy? Better not: Yes, it sounds tempting to feast on a holiday. Really deliciously unhealthy. Unfortunately, however, such foods can lead to an increase in abdominal cramps. So it's better to eat watermelon and the like, isn't it?
  • Drink extra: When temperatures are high and we sweat more, our need for fluids increases, of course. The same applies to menstruation. Here, too, you lose fluid. So you should drink one or two glasses of water more. This will prevent headaches and that annoying feeling of fatigue. The extra moisture also relieves the muscles of your uterus. Cool, isn't it? So: Drink water, stay in a good mood.

  • Be gentle with yourself: Listen to your body and give it what it needs. It's probably not a forced march up Kilimanjaro or a trekking tour through the Indonesian jungle. Remember, your body is about to do something truly great. Maybe you'd rather support it with a few quiet days by the pool and some soothing yoga. And then it's off to the jungle.

    Always remember: Your body is your friend, your team partner. And your period shows you every month what an elementary miracle it is capable of. And honestly, travelling is always great. Just pack your nookees and you won't care whether your period wants to accompany you on the road or not.
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