this is how you can support women on her period

Period kicks in? This is how you can support women

Half of humanity menstruates. The second half, unfortunately, often shrug their shoulders and think: Oh well, that is none of my business. But that's not true at all. Dear friends, just because you don't bleed doesn't mean that your period is none of your business. Every day, about 800 million people in the world menstruate. And for sure you are also regularly with people who are having their bloody days.

Your colleague, your siblings, your daughter, your partner, the people from the parcel delivery service … Their menstruation is not visible to outsiders. But the impact on the person themselves at that moment is quite big. Not only on the mood, but also on the body.

Just get rid of the shame – it only constricts you

Hey, wouldn't it be great in the sense of empathic togetherness if the non-menstruators would supportively stand by their fellow men? Of course, two things are necessary for understanding and empathy: The building of knowledge and the reduction of shame. We at nookees are known for both. And ingeniously, one conditions the other. By talking openly and freely about periods, non-menstruating people learn a lot about the biological processes of periods and immerse themselves in the reality of life of fellow menstruating women. And shame falls by the wayside all by itself. So we have your attention? Thank you, you are great!

Period basics for newbees

Okay, let's chat about menstruation and consider how you can support women during this time. First of all: every woman is different - also when it comes to periods. Unfortunately, hardly anyone gets through it completely unaffected.

“Ouch!” — Understand the physical discomfort

Women can struggle with some unpleasant things during their period. Cramps, headaches, aching breasts, back pain – all of these can occur. You may know from your own experience how debilitating and gruelling pain can be. So be ready to be a hero! Organise painkillers, pass a hot water bottle or just be there for her when she feels drained.

When the mood plummets, you are ready

In the second half of the cycle, the female brain works a little differently. No, don't worry. You won't have a new person in front of you. But maybe the woman is a bit rattled and not as quick-witted as usual. Maybe she is also a bit more emotional than usual. It is enough that you are aware of this fact. Just be understanding - and don't confront her with any oddities. 😀

Be the period partner of their dreams

You can offer to help with the day-to-day things – be it around the house or looking after the kids. Take strenuous work off a colleague's hands. Make sure she can take a break when she needs to. You know, it's often the small gestures that make the difference and show that you are by her side. Sometimes it's just a matter of asking, “Hey, how are you?” You know that too, right? Immediately you feel seen and appreciated.

Communication is the key to harmony

Open conversations are worth their weight in gold – especially in relationships. If you notice that she feels different during her period, just ask her how you can best help her. Be patient when the mood swings. Sometimes the most important thing is just to listen. Have understanding.

And don't worry: the relaxed approach to your period has been a process for the women around you. And of course, it is for you too. Your efforts alone will be appreciated. I promise.

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