nookees vs. period panties

nookees vs. period panties

nookees reusable period pads vs. period panties

nookees reusable period pads vs. period panties, that sounds like an odd thing to compare given that reusable period undies are the holy grail of sustainable bleeding, right? Well, not exactly.

Even though periods are a healthy and normal part of life for millions of people around the world, still, let’s all collectively agree that they are by, no means, fun or enjoyable. Oftentimes, they can be erratic, spontaneous, and uncomfortable – especially if you are trying to plan your sun-soaked getaway around them. However, did you know that the way we try to keep the crimson tide under control and ourselves comfy may be what is causing some of your menstruation-related issues in the first place?

That's right: The negative attributes of single-use pads, tampons, and even period panties extend beyond their carbon footprint. Even your trusted reusable period panties can be laden with chemicals that can cause a gazillion of different issues –from rashes to UTIs.

Period panties contain toxic chemicals? We hear you mumble in disbelief. Let’s go over the reasons why some period panties are bad for your health and what’s the best alternative.

nookees reusable period pads vs. period panties

Reusable period pads contain toxic chemicals

Yes, even though they are super absorbent and a lifesaver for women when their period has come, unfortunately, period panties are often coated with persistent & hormone-disrupting Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) chemicals. Only a few years ago, Sierra Magazine shared results from the laboratory of Applied Nuclear Physics at the University of Notre Dame that shocked the entire menstruating sphere.

The results from these panties were shocking because researchers backed up the claims that hygiene products like period underwear could very well be crafted with PFAS chemicals to up the “moisture-wicking” levels. Not long ago, fluorine was found in the panties of one of the biggest reusable period product brands in the world. But instead of radically changing the products, they decided to change the way they talk about it. News flash: the “no PFAS” doesn’t mean that the undies are free of the 9,000+ other chemicals.

The side effects of PFAS in period panties

PFAS (aka the “forever chemicals) chemicals can be dangerous because it takes a long time for them to break down, and can lead to harmful health effects like liver damage, infertility, and thyroid disease. The impacts of PFAS on the body have been well documented. Young child-bearing-age women should specifically be concerned with these chemicals because these compounds stay in our bodies for years, mentioned Hannah Gardener, founding epidemiologist at

nookees pads are non-toxic and completely safe

nookees reusable period pads are made from organic cotton with a very specific weave. This means that our pads meet the high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and comply with social criteria as well.

Even the nickel-free snap buttons have been tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals to protect your health and managed to gain the and OEKO-Tex 100 certification. So you can rest assured knowing that our reusable period pads have zero PFAs that can potentially harm your health in more ways than one.

Period panties actively pollute the environment

Chances are that you decided to opt for reusable period panties due to your sustainability pledge. After all, it is estimated that 28,114 tonnes of waste are generated annually from menstrual products. However, just like your favourite synthetic shirt, period panties can migrate from waterproof textiles into laundry wash water with every wash. A tsunami of tiny plastic fibers like PFAS that never degrade is actively damaging the ecosystem – where they can remain for hundreds of years.

These chemicals have even been found in drinking water, and typical water purifiers do not remove them. They have been found in rivers and traveled all the way to polar regions impacting the immune function of sea otters, and neurological impacts in polar bears as well as fish and seabirds. The EPA only requires drinking water utilities to test for six of now 9,000 PFAS.

nookes pads are certified environmentally-friendly

The organic cotton we use for nookees reusable period pads is naturally breathable, which means that there is no space for any bacteria, fungal, or bad odour at all. Also, the fact that you can wash them up to 60 °C, makes nookees pads absolutely hygienic. However, because of organic cotton fabric, it was grown without the use of pesticides or fertilisers that harm the environment. In other words, it is not made from oil and does not shed plastic microfibres. Cotton microfibres readily degrade in aquatic environments–how darn cool is that?

What about allergies & odour?

As it turns out when non-certified menstrual product brands try to maximise absorption/comfort and minimise odour, more chemical additives are used. Exposures might affect the unique and sensitive vaginal and vulvar area, which is definitely not the case with nookees reusable period pads.

The absorbency level depends on the style of nookees pads you choose and the style of period you bleed. Natural fibres like cotton, bamboo, wool, and linen are able to adsorb moisture itself and don't trap the smelly bacteria in the fabrics as synthetics do. So ultimately, nookees feel more comfortable, even if they are already full of blood.

What’s more, organic cotton is pesticide-free, pigment-free, bleach-free, and hypoallergenic. This basically means that it’s the ideal fabric to trust around your sensitive vaginal and vulvar area because it is completely non-irritating.

Your nookees reusable period pads are just built differently

nookees are made out of two components: pads ’n panties. You snap the reusable pads with the button system into the panties and use them like your regular period pads. As soon as you are ready for a change, just unbutton the pads, rinse them and throw them in the washing machine. Snap another clean nookees pad on, and continue on with your day.
No moving, no leaking, just comfortable safety during your period. Afterwards, you can put everything into the laundry (up to 60 °C) and use it again.

nookees are highly absorbent menstruation pads that snap into comfortably designed panties. But unlike regular period pads and period undies, they are safe, hypoallergenic, and extremely comfortable. Zero plastic, zero harmful chemicals.

Bleed for a better world

What’s more, we strive to make a real difference. You buy one set of nookees, we donate another set to women all over the world who can not afford menstruation products. Whether in Nepal, Africa, Brazil, or somewhere else on the planet. Pads for you, pads for her. So make sure to stroll our virtual isles and explore our non-toxic menstrual products asap.

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