nookees Foundation – We can end period poverty. Together.

nookees Foundation – We can end period poverty. Together.

Imagine that there are still many people around the world who are discriminated against because of their menstruation.

In the Global South, young girls and women often cannot participate in public life or attend school because they lack menstrual products. As a result, they miss out on a significant portion of their education, drastically reducing their future opportunities. The sole reason: Their period.

We want to change this situation. Together with you!

Our Mission: Education, Health, and Gender Equality for All

The idea for nookees, the world's first Click-In system for menstrual underwear, came about during a long world trip with my son Max. Even during the development and early stages of the company, it became clear to me that this was not just a product for people like you and those in your vicinity, but I wanted to make a broader impact:

From the very first moment, it has been incredibly important to me to make a difference worldwide and provide menstruating individuals in the Global South with access to safe, hygienic, and ecological products.

With the nookees Foundation, we currently support two wonderful projects that are very close to our hearts and walk this amazing path with us. In conjunction with education, young women learn about menstruation in workshops and can make their version of nookees pads.

Additionally, local seamstresses sew more nookees from the materials we provide, which are then distributed for free in villages and communities. For their work, they are paid a fair wage by us. Through this comprehensive approach, we can not only make our nookees available to as many people as possible but also combat the stigmatization of menstruation through direct education.

Projects we support:

Girls On A Mission e.V.

Girls On A Mission is a community of young ladies from Mpigi, Uganda. Since 2017, they have passionately advocated for women's rights in their homeland and are involved in issues such as equality, education, and awareness-raising. Through various initiatives, they address societal challenges like unwanted pregnancies in young ages, forced marriages, or sexual assaults on young individuals. Their goal is for women to become independent and lead autonomous lives by acquiring skills through education.

Viva con Agua South Africa

Viva con Agua is committed to providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene in South Africa, guided by the universal languages of sports, music, and art. Their mission "Water for All and All for Water" drives them to bridge access gaps in underserved communities through impactful projects. Believing that clean water is a basic right, they strive to shape a future where all communities rise through secure water access.

How you can help us end period poverty

Every contribution matters in improving the living conditions of menstruating individuals worldwide. The nookees Foundation passionately advocates for education, health, and gender equality, and with your help, we can achieve even more. Your donation allows us to initiate more projects, provide more menstrual products, and combat the stigmatization of menstruation. Together, we can ensure that no one is disadvantaged because of their period.

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