nookees ist für den “Innovations for Tomorrow Award by hessnatur” 2023 nominiert.

Innovations for Tomorrow Award by hessnatur

Tailwind for our bloody revolution: nookees nominated for sustainability award

We are overwhelmed. And proud. And grateful! nookees has been nominated for the "Innovations for Tomorrow Award by hessnatur".

What is it about? About taking responsibility - for nature, our planet and people. The sustainability prize is being awarded for the second time and will focus on female founders in 2023.

We have made it to the list of nominees. This means that if we make it to the final round, we will be allowed to pitch on the big stage of the Greentech Festival in Berlin on 16 June. And with a bit of luck, we will get the opportunity to spread nookees and the idea behind it even further and louder into the world.

More attention for our bloody revolution!

Menstruation is an existentially natural process – it must finally be accepted and regarded as such. Without the menstruation of your mother, your grandmother, your great-grandmother, you would not be in this world. So: no shame, no hiding. Instead, pride, knowledge and self-knowledge. Worldwide.

Women and their cycles are an integral part of nature. Why should we continue to accept that such a natural process pollutes us and our environment? So: no environmental pollution from disposable products. No toxins added to the body by inappropriate menstrual products. Worldwide.

Instead: nookees. A washable click-in pad system. It can be so simple. Bloody easy.

That's exactly why we at nookees are so happy about the nomination. It shows that an idea can become something big. Something that makes a difference. Our bloody revolution.

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