How personal the colour game can be...

How personal the colour game can be...

The feedback I get regarding the nookees color couldn't be more diverse: Most love it, some hate it And each time I have to giggle when one side explains their reason for loving or hating, and vice versa. Didn't know that something like a color could divide the nookees tribe into two different groups.

But why did I choose mustard instead of black for the first big nookees production? The overall point why I don't like black period underwear has two main reasons:

I really want to get the whole menstruation topic out of the dark corner, if we really care about period equality we should make it light. We should create and use a product where we can see how our blood looks. Where we can get a lot of information out of it. Where we can have a clear look at what comes out of our bodies. That doesn't work with black. Obviously.

If you're bleeding into black fabric and can't see how the blood gets inside, you neither can see if it gets out. Sounds really unhygienic to me.

What I did with nookees? I created a pretty mustard-colored version, because of some pretty nice reasons:

The wonderful color makes it possible to wear nookees under dark and light-colored clothes. Win-win for every style in your closet.

Check the color of your blood. The texture. How it comes out of your body. This can tell you so much about your physical and psychological state of mind. So read what your body writes for you - inside of your nookees ;-)

Put your nookees with all your other clothing onto the laundry and wash it at 60°C. If you want to do something good for your plants, soak them in cold water before the laundry and water your plants with this magic fertilizer. They will love it, and your nookees will stay sparkle clean.
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