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Hey, welcome to the club: Period Underwear for Girls

Oh, wow – here we go: Finally your body has started to work its feminine magic. You've got your period! You can celebrate a massive change in your life. And we at nookees welcome you to the menstruating club! #kissesforyou #girlpower #proudwomen #happyperiod

You are still new in our bloody game. Many things may still be unclear to you. But one fact is set: The choice of your period products decides how smoothly you get through your strawberry week. And how much of an impact you have on the environment. Period underwear for girls should be easy to handle and free of harmful substances – and, of course, not involve any risks.

Your bleeding, your decision: Find your way in the period game

Tampons, pads, cups, period panties, free bleeding … Holy moly. Maybe you've already tried some of them. Maybe you're still at a bit of a loss as to which product or which period underwear is best for teenagers.

The answer to this really important question is, of course, obvious to us: you can't go without nookees during your period. The clickable PANTIES and PADS are simply an unbeatable combination. “Oh no!” you're probably thinking to yourself now. “Of course they'd say that.” True, it would be funny if we told you something different here.

But let us add: We are doing this with full conviction. Because nookees does not stand for simple commerce. Oh no, not at all. We stand up for women around the globe. We see them and their problems. And we see the environment and what we all do to it every day. And of course, we also know about the sometimes serious risks that traditional period products bring with them. Catchword “toxic shock syndrome” with tampons – a LIFE DANGEROUS condition. Quite apart from that, many girls have great inhibitions about inserting tampons at first – naturally.

And then, of course, there is the incredible waste issue that disposable products cause. Even supposedly sustainable, reusable pads and panties should be viewed with caution. Many of them contain toxic chemicals.

Why nookees period underwear for girls is your game changer

You see: the jungle of period products is a real thicket with many pitfalls. And that's exactly why we developed nookees. Because your period doesn't have to be complicated at all. Your bleeding is a completely natural process and can be treated as such: easy, unagitated, relaxed.

And this is how it works: nookees is a system of comfortable PANTIES and PADS that you can easily button into your panties. Nothing slips, nothing gets out of place. If you want to change the PAD, you don't have to change the whole PANTY – which would be quite inconvenient. No, you just click the PAD off and put a fresh one back in. The used pad can simply be washed, dried and reused. Our PANTY PADS dream pairs are free of any harmful substances, wonderfully soft and really cozy. And available in all sizes. Just clicking awesome!

Create your own period rituals

The days are here and your nookees are at the start. You've already created a great prerequisite for your period to be stress-free. The right period underwear for girls is THE feel-good factor during the bloody days.

But you know what? It gets even better. If we have to bleed once a month and maybe also have to deal with stomach aches and the like, we can treat ourselves to something nice. As compensation. Seriously: That's only fair. So create your own period rituals. For example, save your favourite snacks for this time. Treat yourself to a new book or a nap. Snuggle up with your hot water bottle in front of Netflix. Meet up with your friends for exclusive girl time. No matter what. The main thing is cozy.

With this in mind: Happy period and welcome to Team Red!

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