Back in stock & Production fuck ups

Back in stock & Production fuck ups

Today is a big big day for us – the first half of our produced nookees arrived and they came without any faults ❤️‍🔥

Some of you have been following our journey for some time now and we can’t believe how many lows we had to face along the way 🫣

At some point we thought it can’t get worse and we were proven wrong. So after this first little success today we wanted to reminisce on the last months of our clicking chaotic journey and take the chance to say THANK YOU ✨

For your support, for your patience and for your love!

Why was the production delayed?

February 2023

In 2020 we produced our first nookees edition in Bali and everything went smoothly. But as we moved to Portugal and Brasil afterward, the production moved with us. And didn't work at all. Portugal was way too expensive, and Brazil way too unreliable. ‘When we decided to come back to Germany after living abroad for six years, I also wanted the production to be as close as possible to the nookees HQ. But where? After a lot of trial and error (we thought that) we found an amazing facility in Lithuania. Great communication, great samples, great certificates. So we went all in and ordered a bigger production than ever before. When the products arrived at our distribution center in Berlin, something was wrong. Very wrong. The snap buttons have been placed in such a weird and such a wrong way, that nothing really worked. First second I pied my pants as I thought we made a mistake in the pattern. But we didn't. They did. They fucked it up. Big time. A whole production! For the bin. My nerves? For the bin as well. I knew what consequences this mistake would have and I knew what tricky moment that would be in our nookees story.

They accepted pretty fast that it was their mistake and promised to deliver the right products as soon as possible. Sounds great, but: after some more testing, we realized that not just the placement of the buttons was wrong, but also the mechanism did not work at all. Every button that was already sewn in (either right or wrong spot) was useless. Completely.

May 2023

Weeks of discussing and finding the reason for such big mistakes followed, and it felt like the only thing I did every day was to check and analyze buttons. This was in May, and sad to say, we did find the mistakes, but we didn't get a spot in the production line yet. Garment production is such a crazy thing and it is even crazier when you are the smallest in the game. Huge player book their production dates more than half a year in advance and nothing can come between. I don't know how many calls I had, how many meetings I attended, how many emails I wrote plus how many tears I cried. But it didn't make a difference. We have to wait. Period.

I felt like shit and the worst CEO in the world, not being able to deliver a product that so many of you already ordered. To keep you in the waiting line, from week to week, day to day broke my heart. And a hole in the nookees bank account. Close to five months without being able to sell the products means close to five months of not making money with the product. While having a team of wonderful talents to pay, working as hard as they can (even for less money). 

August 2023

So what’s happening now? The only thing I can promise at this point is the date the production gave me now, which will be the beginning of September. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we ask you to stay with us till then. Your wonderful messages and your amazing support kept us up while things went low. And we want to thank you from the bottom of our uterus for that. And, to be as honest and open as always with you, we would also be thankful if you could go one step further with us: if you plan to order nookees in the near future (again) or tell all your great friends about our great product, now would be the perfect time for it. Be part of something huge starting, of something life and world-changing in the making.

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Ich feiere meine Menstruation gerade jetzt, mit der panty und den pads, ich konnte mir nicht vorstellen wie bequem und sicher die sind! Hoher Tragekomfort, das System wird bestimmt erweitert! Dankeschön!!!


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