93€ for a hair treatment? Are you kidding me?

93€ for a hair treatment? Are you kidding me?

I spy with my own little eyes, that people are buying hair treatments for a higher price than my nookees without even thinking about it twice. (To be more specific, I am talking about the ones to use at home, not even the ones where you get pampered in the hairdressing salon). But when it comes to nookees, I often have to explain where the "high" price comes from. Just a little reminder: A hair treatment will be empty after some weeks while nookees will stay with you for years.

I had to pinch myself when I saw the prices, and it kept me reflecting. I feel like there is no such thing as "too expensive" as there will always be people buying super expensive (super stupid stuff.) As long as this product gives the buyer a particular feeling, as people don't buy products, they buy emotions. I guess.

As I already mentioned, I sell a lot of my products in the US. And I never had anybody complaining about the price. Why? One of the biggest period panty brands over there had a huge scandal some time ago and it became pretty clear what unpretty stuff can be found inside of well-known period panties.

When they discover nookees, they are over the moon, and send me messages about how long they've been searching for a product like mine. And they buy. A lot. Without even mentioning the price. And more and more it becomes clear to me why this happens: nookes gives them a feeling of using something safe. Something without any chemicals, without any bullshit but vice versa obviously made with a lot of love. And that feeling, of being seen, of being treated well, of doing something good for themselves (and the environment, and other women in the global south...) does not even make them think for one second about the price.

And that makes a big difference to me. A big learning. It will never be about the price, it will always be about the emotions. A totally overpriced (and here I mean it for real OVERPRICED) hair treatment gives the customer the feeling of doing something amazing for their hair. To treat themselves like they (and their hair) were worth a fricking home treatment for (again!) 93€. That emotion seems to be priceless and I am very sure there might even be more expensive hair treatments out there...
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