Period poverty meets politics

Period poverty meets politics

Super stoked to say that I had the opportunity to talk to the German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock about what is happening to the 500 million menstruating people around the world who do not have access to period products, proper education about the topic, or sanitary facilities. And even more stoked to share that she was very interested about what I had to say. And that gives me hope. Big hope!

I am watching how much the whole topic of menstruation gets more and more out of the dark corner and gets more and more seen by people from so many different areas.

Even to talk very detailed and very openly about how much it sucks if there are no proper period products and everything gets messed up like fury in the slaughterhouse to one of the leading politicians of Germany, makes me smile. And giggle. And incredibly happy.

I left the event with so many butterflies in my tummy because I remembered all the girls I met a couple of months ago in South Africa who told me about their struggles, about their worries and fears and how they have to deal with their periods without having a proper product. Being able to share their stories and feeling that they are seen from a bigger and bigger audience, makes me jump for joy.

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